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The Crusade for a Righteous Cyber Infrastructure

Our small company was founded under a simple belief. Over a long career which spans 25 plus years, I have bared witness to absurdities in an industry that I have great passion for. The biggest thing we attempt to do is dispel myths that have permeated the industry and unfortunately have become the norm. Over time we have seen an industry born of creativity become bizarre and rigid with inaccuracies and solutions that are grossly expensive. Our journey has been one in the pursuit of knowledge and experience has sharpened that knowledge.

The cybersecurity industry has become massive monetized beast. Much like the days of the Microsoft certifications becoming popular, we are now deluged with certifications and various institutes offering courses. We do not have anything against these things, for all purposes they are fine. However, what we have a problem with is that it presents a false sense of security.

The hacker does not have a certification, he/she is born of necessity and masters in stealth. A good hacker is something you will never see coming because they will not allow it. They do not have certifications and they don’t play by the rules. The hacker most certainly will not past a background check. Hence if you follow the tired corporate rule, that the cybersecurity team be certified personnel with no street level experience, then as a business owner you are in for a horrible surprise. Much like you will be surprised when one of your employees runs off with your data.

The hacker is quiet, and not what you see in the media. Stealth is the order of the day, enter the system under the blanket of subterfuge, establish a presence, do not reveal yourself, obtain the date, and exit.

There is a reason that corporate America constantly suffers from data breaches, worse small business suffers at a higher rate. We have witnessed the corporate belief of certifications and high-priced hardware permeate through society and literally have become a norm. Worse, small to mid-size businesses believe that good cybersecurity and a good infrastructure are out of their reach.

We have seen business sold packaged solutions that are proprietary in nature, not only are they locked into these solutions, but their systems have become antiquated, non-compliant, and are now have been left behind. This is insanity, there is a better way.

This is depressing and as we have grown we have tried always to look outside of the norm. There are tools available to us that allow your business to do so much more. So, we live the life, we practice the discipline and we constantly evolve. We do not adhere to the corporate “standard” that fails, we do not believe in locking you into a system for the case of profit.

Information should be shared, and your business is your life. We come to you forged with experience and knowledge that is constantly evolving. That is why we are the best fit for you, that is why Cybercrypto is your partner in that fight.