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About Us

Virtual Data Center

The Quest

Our company through decades of combined experience has developed fatigue with how the corporate infrastructure guards it's data and the conventional approach to cybersecurity taken by most companies. On one end of the spectrum most people are led to believe that all you need is a piece of anti-virus software and your safe - on the opposite end people are led to believe that a complete security solution would be large, obtuse, hard to understand, and would impede functionality.  Most of all, the belief is, that you the user must sell their first, second born, and their new car to stay protected. We at CyberCrypto believe there is a better way. We view malware for what it is - software. This allows us to attack it in a way that is unconventional yet effective.

Cybersecurity at the Grassroots Level

CyberCrypto began and still holds its core to a fundamental grassroots level in how we interact with our clients as well as our corporate view. By showing our clients how to stay protected and being their sentinel we empower them. Knowledge should be spread and shared, it is with that belief that we began our company. A specialty cybersecurity shop that is always personal yet effective. Cybersecurity is a state of mind that need not consist of an aluminum top hat nor cost a premium.

A small business requires the same level of data compliance and security as the large corporations do. When faced with data loss and data theft, prevention is the best remedy.

As a small business you cannot afford to allow that one mistake to happen. A breach of date puts a strain on your integrity and reliability.

A well implemented and managed cyber security protocols allow for prevention and quick recovery when needed.

Few small business realize how often they are being probed for an attack or how easy it is to steal data from their systems. Just like the large corporations, most find out long after the fact.

Think differently, think outside of the box - stop the attack before it happens. Let us help you keep your data safe and compliant per industry standards and requirements. An infrastructure need not be overly complex nor pricey to achieve these goals. Do not follow the lead of the large corporations which practice and espouse the same tired rhetoric and keep getting hacked.

As stewards of technology we appreciate and love the possibilities that social media and apps bring. We have a macro view of the world and how all points interconnect. Therefore we see the perils of these conveniences and how they have allowed to people be be lax in how they protect themselves as well as the lack of discipline it has ushered in. Part of our mission is to help you control your data and take back what belongs to you.