What if I told you that your entire network and cyber infrastructure was constantly being probed?
Would you deem me paranoid?

What if I told you that you are one step away from an employee taking your data and you will have no idea?
Starting to wonder now?

What if I told you that conventional wisdom has made you believe that cybersecurity is so complex and must be handled only by certified individuals from large conglomerates that have monetized the industry into certifications? Worse you bought into that thinking ignoring the fact that hackers are not certified but are always one step ahead of corporations and the norm.

What if I told you that you have created your infrastructure in a dysfunctional modular manner based on information given to you most likely by someone charging you by the hour and left you to rot as your system became rancid with age and issues? Would you call them again knowing they will still charge you an exorbitant rate and only do the same?

Society and mass media have lied to you. We are told that effective cybersecurity is only such when its administered by an individual with some government background and certifications by large companies. A hacker is not certified and cannot pass a background check, yet the mass collective of individuals that we know so well are always a step ahead of the corporate infrastructure.  Their certifications and security clearances have given them no shield in preventing what is being done.

Worse, your system not only is not secure, but you spent all this money and are not seeing the full potential of what is available to you. Your cyber infrastructure is a tool meant to enhance your business, not something you put all this money into, so it can collapse because you’re not using it right.

The images above are companies that practiced the same tired notion of cybersecurity and how they tended to their infrastructure. It didn't work and still does not. As a small business you don't have the resources they do so you cannot afford their stupidity.

Its time to take it back.

Internal And External Security

Complete Security

Secure your environment from internal and external threats in a manner that will align with your budget while keeping malicious entities out. Email and all data is protected in a method that is unseen to the user but active in the background not obstructing nor hindering your efficiency.

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Penetration Testing & Audits

Identify the weak points of your infrastructure through penetration testing as well as auditing your environment's infrastructure. With a proper Audit and being able to identify the weak links - your company is made stronger. You will not see the problem coming, whether it be bad cyber infrastructure, your data being stolen, or an attacker that has infiltrated the network. You will only see it when it’s too late. A true hacker values stealth.

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The CyberCrypto Ecosystem is a self-contained area that not only ensures a secure cyber session but allows the user to monitor their system while ensuring the sanctity of their data. No data enters or leaves without the operator being aware, no malware attacks without the operator being alerted. Basically we do everything for you, setup the system, get your cyber operations running efficiently, lock it down, and monitor it. You the business owner gets daily report of what is going on. Nothing goes in out with you knowing. You can't steal what you can't find, you can't hack what you can't see.

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Our Crusade

Since 1990


Cybersecurity has become the realm of the wealthy and the complacent. A corporate ideology has become established as the norm. This ideology has allowed for an underground of massive proportions to flourish and malware attacks to become the norm. An entire industry monetized by certifications. Worse, we are led to believe that simple yet efficient software cannot be knitted together to form a productive quilt. People have been deceived. A hacker has no certifications and he/she most definitely will not be passing any background checks.  CyberCrypto is a different type of organization. We take an out of the box view of the landscape and do not hesitate to think in an unconventional way to safeguard your data and build a system that not only you can depend on but that it provides for you. When ransomware has attacked, when financial malware has revealed all your private information, you are not concerned about terminology - you want it stop. The disease can be isolated and cured.  You need a cyber-doctor.

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