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Attack Maps

Attack Maps

Attack Maps


The number of attacks and theft of data in the cyber-space is constant and voluminous. To those sitting on the outside the attack space is empty, why – simply because no one understands it until it happens to them. The reality is that it never stops. The links below are to live maps that give you a good understanding of how bad it truly is.


  • Kaspersky Cyber Attack Map:

Click on the “statistics” to easily find lots of details on where the data is coming from and scan the attack rankings for the day.




  • Deteque:

A division of Spamhaus has a live botnet map. Here you see actual infected computers communicating with whatever command server the bot has infected them with.




  • Fortinet:

This attack map is unique in that it has a day/night map that is overlayed over the entire map. It shows you where the nefarious ones are after hours. The bottom left hand corner displays excellent easy to understand statistics.




  • Fireye:

Lots of color and shows the top attacked verticals for the last thirty days