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Ecosystems and A Wonderful Place to Live

An ecosystem sounds like an incredibly complex system, it all so sounds expensive. Let us demystify such talk.  There are so many inaccuracies spread about when it comes to technology and things like “secure ecosystems”, what does that mean? For this discussion lets step back before the term “cloud” became commonplace. At its core cloud means hosting something on a provider, so such a thing has been around for quite some time. When Microsoft introduced hotmail.com this was a cloud-based service, it was just not called that back then.

All an ecosystem is, simply put, is an environment built to the specification of the business where security, permissions, and applications are constructed in a manner that is efficient as well as controlled. That is all it is, and this can be constructed via popular tools, so cost is kept low. When such an environment is constructed, the very tools used allow for logs and reporting which will give you the information you need for your growth (website and infrastructure) as well as your security.

What can you do with such a system?

  1. Digital file version history within the operating systems enabling a user to restore a previous file version.
  2. See daily reports of offending users trying to access your system
  3. Daily reports which show what your users are doing
  4. Website reports to give you a daily idea of what is happening and who is visiting
  5. Encrypted data to protect your users, business, and your confidentiality
  6. System event logs, when properly enabled, detail when system users create, access, modify, print, and delete files which can be forensically audited if necessary and for which automatic rules and alerts can be established.
  7. Digital signatures so that authenticity is assured
  8. Talk to your website users from your network in a controlled manner
  9. Data loss prevention
  10. Password management
  11. Reduce your cost
  12. Adhering to compliance laws
  13. Complete security

An ecosystem is your infrastructure built to your needs with current technology where efficiency and security is the order of the day. More importantly the tools are simple, and your end users are unencumbered. There is a lot of power under that windows desktop, your website, your PBX, your emails, and your entire shop. Let us harness it, manage it for you so that you can benefit and use it as a tool.