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Complete Security and Infrastructure at the Ground Level

this need not be you
this need not be you

There is no such thing as a panacea for infrastructure ills or whatever security issues you may have. Most likely you do not even know that you have infrastructure issues, but you may suspect it. Are you emails encrypted? Is your data user/permissions based? Can your customers communicate with you on your website in a modular fashion? Is it easy for them to do so? Do you have a system that is easy to manage yet modular for growth?

Most likely the answer here is NO!

In these cases, the keyword is as mentioned above “MODULAR.”

Let’s build out a new environment around the old, ensuring that you have no downtime but at the same time modernizing the infrastructure and giving you the ability of ease of use. Why should you deny yourself the modern conveniences of encrypted email and secure document/database management?

We will walk in, create your cathedral and then import your user’s data so that they can begin work inside your new infrastructure. We do this using current tools and systems that are readily available but knit it together in a manner that will keep you functional yet safe. More importantly the control is in your hands and we show you how to watch your environment.

Cybercrypto offers consulting in both cybersecurity and assisting in your IT infrastructure. If you think about it, both of them are intertwined. Let us come in, analyze the landscape and recommend a better way out of the box to manage your digital infrastructure. We become your MIS department and steer your digital infrastructure so that it complements your organization.  We employ the same diligence in security and support except its done on-site and we become your frontline. This service is preferable to small to mid-size entities that do not want to host offsite but at the same time need help in keeping their infrastructure secure while expanding their productivity. We bring the functionality of our lab to you while combining it with your existing equipment.

We have always believed that knowledge must be shared, so unlike other places that bill you by the hour, we go on a flat fee and share with you step by step what we do. This way you are not in the dark and we put the power in your hands and are there by your side to help you drive.